Special Trainig Facilities

You need help in the design and build of shooting ranges and other training facilities for special units? We have many years of experience in the design and supply these facilities, especially of shooting ranges. We know how, after consultation with your experts to design and implement a complete training center for a comprehensive preparation of your specialists. We provide a complete service, together with the delivery of training devices and simulators we provide the training of your instructors. According to your requirements, we will equip of your specialist with all needed accessories and weapons. We cooperate with experts on training of special troops and their equipment. Do not hesistate to contact us for more information.
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Kill House - The user is URNA, Czech antiterrorist unit
Shooting Hall - the user is Slovak army and police
Study of multipurpose shooting range plus CQB section for Egyptian special forces
The single storey shooting range “Kill House” and two storey tactical building with helicopter landing simulator. The user is Slovak army and police
The Climbing simulator with Landing tower for Egyptian paratroopers. Alongside is located Helicopter landing simulator
Study of CQB village in training center for Iraq
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